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Monday June 8, IWOCA Day 1


Ralf Klasing and Florent Foucaud. General opening [slides]

Florent Foucaud. Technical information [slides]

Graph algorithms 1

Sankardeep Chakraborty, Kunihiko Sadakane and Srinivasa Rao Satti. Optimal In-place Algorithms for Basic Graph Problems (Video)

Julien Bensmail, Foivos Fioravantes and Nicolas Nisse. On Proper Labellings of Graphs with Minimum Label Sum (Video) [slides]

Nina Chiarelli, Matjaž Krnc, Martin Milanič, Ulrich Pferschy, Nevena Pivač and Joachim Schauer. Fair packing of independent sets (Video)

Best papers

Pratibha Choudhary. Polynomial Time Algorithms for Tracking Path Problems (Video) [slides]

Florent Foucaud, Benjamin Gras, Anthony Perez and Florian Sikora. On the complexity of Broadcast Domination and Multipacking in digraphs (Video)

Invited talk

Sándor Fekete. Coordinating swarms of objects at extreme dimensions (Video: zoom recording)
Original videos:
Triangulating Unknown Environments Using Robot Swarms
Tilt: The Video. Designing Worlds to Control Robot Swarms with only Global Signals
Coordinated Motion Planning: The Video
Space Ants: Constructing and Reconfiguring Large-Scale Structures with Finite Automata

Combinatorial algorithms

Benoît Groz, Frederik Mallmann-Trenn, Claire Mathieu and Victor Verdugo. Skyline Computation with Noisy Comparisons (Video)

Curtis Bright, Kevin K. H. Cheung, Brett Stevens, Ilias Kotsireas and Vijay Ganesh. Nonexistence Certificates for Ovals in a Projective Plane of Order Ten (Video) [slides]

Erin Lanus and Charles Colbourn. Algorithms for Constructing Anonymizing Arrays (Video)

Dynamic and online algorithms 1

Ananya Christman, Christine Chung, Nicholas Jaczko, Tianzhi Li, Scott Westvold and Xinyue Xu. New Bounds for Maximizing Revenue in Online Dial-a-Ride (Video) [slides]

Victor Campos, Raul Lopes, Andrea Marino and Ana Silva. Edge-Disjoint Branchings in Temporal Graphs (Video)


Tuesday June 9, IWOCA Day 2

Parameterized complexity

Kishen Gowda, Neeldhara Misra and Vraj Patel. A Parameterized Perspective on Attacking and Defending Elections (Video)

Gennaro Cordasco, Luisa Gargano and Adele Rescigno. Iterated Type Partitions (Video) [slides]

Graph matching

Koki Hamada, Shuichi Miyazaki and Kazuya Okamoto. Strongly Stable and Maximum Weakly Stable Noncrossing Matchings (Video) [slides]

B S Panda and Juhi Chaudhary. Acyclic Matching in Some Subclasses of Graphs (video) [slides]


Tibor Jordan, Yusuke Kobayashi, Ryoga Mahara and Kazuhisa Makino. The Steiner problem for count matroids (Video)

Toni Böhnlein and Oliver Schaudt. On the Complexity of Stackelberg Matroid Pricing Problems (Video)

Invited talk

Dan Alistarh. Optimization by population: large-scale distributed optimization via population protocols (Video) [slides]

Graph algorithms 2

Vicente Acuña, Leandro I. S. De Lima, Giuseppe F. Italiano, Luca Pepè Sciarria, Marie-France Sagot and Blerina Sinaimeri. A family of tree-based generators for bubbles in directed graphs (Video)

Ioannis Lamprou, Ioannis Sigalas and Vassilis Zissimopoulos. Improved Budgeted Connected Domination and Budgeted Edge-Vertex Domination (Video) [slides]

Guy Kortsarz and Zeev Nutov. Bounded Degree Group Steiner problems (Video) [slides]

Business meeting

Ralf Klasing. Program committee report. [slides]

Florent Foucaud. Organizing committee report.[slides]

Lucia Moura. Presentation of IWOCA 2021 in Ottawa [slides]

Henning Fernau. Presentation of IWOCA 2022 in Trier

Wednesday June 10, IWOCA Day 3

Dynamic and online algorithms 2

Toru Hasunuma. Connectivity Keeping Trees in 2-Connected Graphs with Girth Conditions (Video)

Alexandre Blanché, Haruka Mizuta, Paul Ouvrard and Akira Suzuki. Decremental Optimization of Dominating Sets Under the Reconfiguration Framework (Video) [slides]

Li-Hsuan Chen, Ling-Ju Hung, Henri Lotze and Peter Rossmanith. Further Results on Online Node- and Edge-Deletion Problems with Advice (Video) [slides]

Parametrized graph algorithms

Rémy Belmonte, Tesshu Hanaka, Masaaki Kanzaki, Masashi Kiyomi, Yasuaki Kobayashi, Yusuke Kobayashi, Michael Lampis, Hirotaka Ono and Yota Otachi. Parameterized Complexity of (A,l)-Path Packing (Video)

Vahan Mkrtchyan, Garik Petrosyan, K. Subramani and Piotr Wojciechowski. Parameterized algorithms for partial vertex covers in bipartite graphs (Video)

Avinandan Das, Lawqueen Kanesh, Jayakrishnan Madathil, Komal Muluk, Nidhi Purohit and Saket Saurabh. On the Complexity of Singly Connected Vertex Deletion (Video) [slides]

Invited talk

Tatiana Starikovskaya. Algorithms for string processing in restricted-access models of computation (Video) [slides]

Graph theory

Hervé Hocquard, Dimitri Lajou and Borut Lužar. Between proper and strong edge-colorings of subcubic graphs (Video) [slides]

Bogdan Alecu, Vadim Lozin and Dominique de Werra. The micro-world of cographs (Video) [slides]

Ewa Drgas-Burchardt, Hanna Furmańczyk and Elżbieta Sidorowicz. Equitable d-degenerate choosability of graphs (Video) [slides]