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Monday, June 8 – IWOCA Day 1

    • 09:1509:30OpeningFlorent Foucaud and Ralf Klasing

Graph algorithms 1Session chair: Florent Foucaud

    • 09:3009:55Sankardeep Chakraborty, Kunihiko Sadakane and Srinivasa Rao Satti. Optimal In-place Algorithms for Basic Graph Problems
    • 10:0010:25  Julien Bensmail, Foivos Fioravantes and Nicolas Nisse. On Proper Labellings of Graphs with Minimum Label Sum [slides]
    • 10:3010:55  Nina Chiarelli, Matjaž Krnc, Martin Milanič, Ulrich Pferschy, Nevena Pivač and Joachim Schauer. Fair packing of independent sets

Tea break

Best papersSession chairs: Program committee chairs

    • 11:1511:40Pratibha Choudhary. Polynomial Time Algorithms for Tracking Path Problems (Best student paper – shared)
    • 11:4512:10  Florent Foucaud, Benjamin Gras, Anthony Perez and Florian Sikora. On the complexity of Broadcast Domination and Multipacking in digraphs (Best student paper – shared)
    • 12:1512:40Peter Damaschke. Two Robots Patrolling on a Line: Integer Version and Approximability (Best paper)

Lunch break

Invited talkSession chair: Ralf Klasing

Tea break

Combinatorial algorithmsSession chair: Luisa Gargano

    • 15:1515:40  Benoît Groz, Frederik Mallmann-Trenn, Claire Mathieu and Victor Verdugo. Skyline Computation with Noisy Comparisons
    • 15:4516:10Curtis Bright, Kevin K. H. Cheung, Brett Stevens, Ilias Kotsireas and Vijay Ganesh. Nonexistence Certificates for Ovals in a Projective Plane of Order Ten (Video)  [slides]
    • 16:1516:40Erin Lanus and Charles Colbourn. Algorithms for Constructing Anonymizing Arrays

Tea break

Dynamic and online algorithms 1Session chair: Thomas Erlebach

    • 17:0017:25Ananya Christman, Christine Chung, Nicholas Jaczko, Tianzhi Li, Scott Westvold and Xinyue Xu. New Bounds for Maximizing Revenue in Online Dial-a-Ride [slides]
    • 17:3017:55  Victor Campos, Raul Lopes, Andrea Marino and Ana Silva. Edge-Disjoint Branchings in Temporal Graphs


Tuesday, June 9 – IWOCA Day 2

Parameterized complexity Session chair: Aris Pagourtzis

    • 09:3009:55  Kishen Gowda, Neeldhara Misra and Vraj Patel. A Parameterized Perspective on Attacking and Defending Elections (Video)
    • 10:0010:25  Gennaro Cordasco, Luisa Gargano and Adele Rescigno. Iterated Type Partitions [slides]

Tea break

Graph matchingSession chair: Petra Berenbrink

    • 10:4511:10  Koki Hamada, Shuichi Miyazaki and Kazuya Okamoto. Strongly Stable and Maximum Weakly Stable Noncrossing Matchings
    • 11:1511:40  B S Panda and Juhi Chaudhary. Acyclic Matching in Some Subclasses of Graphs [slides]

Tea break

MatroidsSession chair: Amihood Amir

    • 12:0012:25  Tibor Jordan, Yusuke Kobayashi, Ryoga Mahara and Kazuhisa Makino. The Steiner problem for count matroids
    • 12:3012:55Toni Böhnlein and Oliver Schaudt. On the Complexity of Stackelberg Matroid Pricing Problems

Lunch break

Invited talkSession chair: Tomasz Radzik

    • 14:0015:00Dan Alistarh. Optimization by population: large-scale distributed optimization via population protocols

Tea break

Graph algorithms 2Session chair: Ian Munro

    • 15:1515:40  Vicente Acuña, Leandro I. S. De Lima, Giuseppe F. Italiano, Luca Pepè Sciarria, Marie-France Sagot and Blerina Sinaimeri. A family of tree-based generators for bubbles in directed graphs
    • 15:4516:10Ioannis Lamprou, Ioannis Sigalas and Vassilis Zissimopoulos. Improved Budgeted Connected Domination and Budgeted Edge-Vertex Domination
    • 16:1516:40Peter Damaschke. Ordering a Sparse Graph to Minimize the Sum of Right Ends of Edges
    • 16:4517:10Guy Kortsarz and Zeev Nutov. Bounded Degree Group Steiner problems

Tea break

    • 17:3018:15Business meeting Session chair: Tomasz Radzik
      Ralf Klasing. Program committee report. [slides]
      Florent Foucaud. Organizing committee report. [slides]
      Lucia Moura.
      Presentation of IWOCA 2021 in Ottawa [slides]
      Henning Fernau.
      Presentation of IWOCA 2022 in Trier

Wednesday, June 10 – IWOCA Day 3

Dynamic and online algorithms 2 Session chair: Hans-Joachim Böckenhauer

    • 09:3009:55Toru Hasunuma. Connectivity Keeping Trees in 2-Connected Graphs with Girth Conditions
    • 10:0010:25Alexandre Blanché, Haruka Mizuta, Paul Ouvrard and Akira Suzuki. Decremental Optimization of Dominating Sets Under the Reconfiguration Framework [slides]
    • 10:3010:55  Li-Hsuan Chen, Ling-Ju Hung, Henri Lotze and Peter Rossmanith. Further Results on Online Node- and Edge-Deletion Problems with Advice

Tea break

Parameterized graph algorithmsSession chair: Marthe Bonamy

    • 11:1511:40  Rémy Belmonte, Tesshu Hanaka, Masaaki Kanzaki, Masashi Kiyomi, Yasuaki Kobayashi, Yusuke Kobayashi, Michael Lampis, Hirotaka Ono and Yota Otachi. Parameterized Complexity of (A,l)-Path Packing
    • 11:4512:10  Vahan Mkrtchyan, Garik Petrosyan, K. Subramani and Piotr Wojciechowski. Parameterized algorithms for partial vertex covers in bipartite graphs
    • 12:1512:40Avinandan Das, Lawqueen Kanesh, Jayakrishnan Madathil, Komal Muluk, Nidhi Purohit and Saket Saurabh. On the Complexity of Singly Connected Vertex Deletion [slides]

Lunch break

Invited talkSession chair: Leszek Gąsieniec

    • 14:0015:00Tatiana Starikovskaya. Algorithms for string processing in restricted-access models of computation (Video)

Tea break

Graph theorySession chair: Xavier Muñoz

    • 15:1515:40  Hervé Hocquard, Dimitri Lajou and Borut Lužar. Between proper and strong edge-colorings of subcubic graphs [slides]
    • 15:4516:10Bogdan Alecu, Vadim Lozin and Dominique de Werra. The micro-world of cographs [slides]
    • 16:1516:40  Ewa Drgas-Burchardt, Hanna Furmańczyk and Elżbieta Sidorowicz. Equitable d-degenerate choosability of graphs

Tea break


Thursday, June 11 – GraphMasters

    • 10:0018:00  Satellite event: GraphMasters (see here for more information) – Organizer: Alessio Conte